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“Tumbling Pass in Bloom” 12”x9” Original Oil Painting
  • “Tumbling Pass in Bloom” 12”x9” Original Oil Painting

    This painting was inspired by Kootenay National Park. Every single pass on the Rockwall trail was outstandingly beautiful, and we were blessed with beautiful weather last summer during our hike. This day we sat and enjoyed our lunch here under the Tumbling Glacier in a meadow full of flowers. The funny thing about mountains is that if you sit and watch them they make a lot of noise! They are always throwing down stones and chunks of ice, usually we heard them falling long before we saw where the booms had come from. It was a fun game to try and locate the source of the noise. During our lunch the glacier let loose a big piece of ice, and down it tumbled. It looked like tiny snowballs from over here, but the rumble it created said otherwise.

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