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“Solitude is beautiful” 14”x11” Original Oil Painting

“Solitude is beautiful” 14”x11” Original Oil Painting

The pre dawn stillness is a magical time. It’s a little piece of perfection that exists when the distracting buzz of humanity is still quiet and the landscape, newly unveiled by the dawn, takes center stage. This peaceful moment at Cornett Creek on Maligne Lake was made possible needing to answer the call of nature. It’s hard to leave the comfort of a snuggly warm sleeping bag but once you are up it’s always a gift. This particular morning was spectacular, the lake was perfectly still, a thin mist hung over the water. The sky was that impossible shade of purple fading into the blue infinity of the receding night. I stood transfixed by wonder and heart bursting love for the world as the birds sang and the sky turned pink, then yellow, and a new day began. Just another (absolutely glorious) sunrise reminding me that it’s not what we have, it’s how much we appreciate it.

Oil on Canvas, *unframed

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