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"Salish Sunset" Fine Art Prints
  • "Salish Sunset" Fine Art Prints

    Limited edition stretched canvas prints:


    16”x40” $525 (Limited run of 100 prints)


    (Limited edition stretched canvas prints are printed on high quality Breathing Color LYVE Canvas using archival quality inks and coating by Canvas Plus Digital Imaging in Ladysmith, BC.)


    Prints on fine art paper:


    8”x20” $60

    10”x25” $85

    12”x30” $110


    (Prints on fine art paper are printed on 100% cotton, acid free fine art paper, using archival quality inks by Canvas Plus Digital Imaging in Ladysmith, BC.)



    There is something so soothing about looking out over the bluffs at Piper’s Lagoon. When I want to feel calm I go to somewhere that I can look out across water, I think it absorbs the excess energies of fear and anxiety and soothes the soul. When I need an especially strong dose of water therapy I take my shoes off, walk in the water and let it wash away my worries. It works like magic, but you have to believe in its power!

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