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“Gem of the Tonquin” 20”x20” Original Oil Painting
  • “Gem of the Tonquin” 20”x20” Original Oil Painting

    Those who are hardy enough to face the mud and mosquitoes of the Tonquin Valley trail in Jasper will know this majestic spot on Amethyst Lake. The valley, aptly named the garden of the gods, is a vast and beautiful place that I am grateful I was able to visit. While hiking up the ridge above Maccarib campsite we came across the grave of a man named Sir Percy Hamilton Goodair. In an article I found about him later I learned that he was a warden who lived for many years in the Tonquin until his death in 1929. There was a quote in the story that I really loved, “Men react in different ways to the call of the wilderness. Some feel only the loneliness, while others become imbued with a growing feeling of serenity and contentment as the sounds of civilization are left behind. Percy Goodair was one of these.” - Albert Baker


    • Framing Option

      Oil on deep Canvas,  *framed with Quadra floating frame system for a sleek modern look.

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