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"Fairy Tears" 16"x20" Original Oil Painting

"Fairy Tears" 16"x20" Original Oil Painting

If you are interested in a print of my painting “Fairy Tears” please send me a message! Prints are produced in Ladysmith BC, and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to help support the amazing forest defenders at

Prints on fine art paper:
8”x10” $30
11”x14” $45
16”x20” $80


Fairy Lake sits at the bottom of the Fairy Creek valley, and in that lake is a much loved bonsai tree growing on a stump. In my mind I saw a future where we didn’t protect the valley, and a grief stricken spirit of the forest resting upon the sanctuary of this tiny island mourning the loss of its home and family, begs us to remember that we are all connected and our fates are woven together. There is so little left of our ancient forests and continuing to cut them down would be like allowing the slaughter of the last of the Orcas for trophies. But I don’t believe that’s who we really are. When we come together, we humans have chosen to protect many things for the common good of all. Clearly we love our elders, our grandmothers and grandfathers of the forest, and people come from around the world to see them. We know in our hearts that they are priceless because they cannot be replaced, and that they are worth far more standing.
Limited edition stretched canvas print 16”x20” $230

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