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"Log Bridge" 14"x11" Original Oil Painting
  • "Log Bridge" 14"x11" Original Oil Painting

    When you get down into the Benson Creek ravine it is a cool oasis on a hot summer day. This painting depicts the log bridge down stream from Ammonite Falls. I was so enamored by the landscape here that I didn’t end up going any farther. Instead I just sat and enjoyed the sound of running water, the fresh bright green leaves of the maple trees and the dark green sword ferns under them. And of course, this beautiful fallen tree that is both a bridge and a nurse log. I knew I needed to come back and paint it, so a couple weeks later I came back with a canvas and my painting gear and sat here for a few hours just soaking up the gorgeous energy and trying my best to translate it into artwork


    Oil on deep canvas *framed

    • Framing Option

      Oil on deep canvas *framed with black Opus Whistler Wood Canvas Floating Frame

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