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“Moonset over Helmet Falls” 10”x10” Original Oil Painting
  • “Moonset over Helmet Falls” 10”x10” Original Oil Painting


    The hike from Paintpots trailhead to the campsite at Helmet Falls is approx 16.5km, and while not overly difficult, it was still a long day! When we finally emerged from the forest to this view it was a very welcome site, and long before we actually saw Helmet Falls, we could hear its thundering water. I really liked this campsite, it felt very peaceful situated in a this valley between two creeks with towering limestone peaks surrounding it. I would love to go back and hike the Goodsir pass to the north of here next time. The next morning was beautiful, and we got to watch the moon set just above the falls before setting out on the second day of our hike.

    Oil on deep canvas  *framed 

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